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Mahjong Resources

Some resources to help out your game:

Theory and Strategy
Riichi Book 1 Probably the best intermediate mahjong book in English. If/when Chiba releases Riichi Book 2, it'll likely be uploaded to the same link.
Score Training
麻雀点数計算練習.com A website to help you quickly and accurately score hands. It's best used in Japanese, Google Translate makes some information turn to gobbledygook. You'll be presented with a hand and are told the round wind (場), the seat wind (家), and whether they are the dealer or not (親/子). It also shows whether the hand declared riichi (it'll have a riichi bet if so), the tile won by ron (ロン) or tsumo (ツモ), and any dora indicators. Choose the amount of points the other players would have to pay for that hand and it'll tell you if you're correct (O) or wrong (X).
Chinitsu Wait Training Chinitsu Tool Also in Japanese. The blue (left) button makes a tenpai chinitsu hand and the orange (right) button displays the waits. You can choose the suit and how many tiles are still in hand (ie similate making calls).


A new rule set to sow chaos onto the Mahjong table.

During the game, before your draw, you may pay points to roll the Chaos Die. If the Chaos Die rolls onto an odd number, reveal a card from the Cosmic Deck and follow what it says. There are two types of cards, events and modifiers. Events happen once the card is revealed, and modifiers change how the game is played. Only one modifier can be in effect at a time.
The amount of points you pay when rolling the die starts off at 1,000, then doubles for each subsequent roll. You cannot roll twice in one turn. You cannot roll after making a pon, kan, or chii.

Access the Cosmic Deck here.

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